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. нαкυиα мαтαтα .

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Hahaha, Genie's profile actually has something pretty on it. 8DD;

Anyhoo, getting down to business. :D

[N]ame: Genie

[A]ge: 17

[D].O.B: 06/07/90

[F]andoms: Dong Bang Shin Gi (as you can see from teh loverly profile layout thingo 8D), One Piece, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Wheesung, David Eddings, Korean entertainment in general, and Junsu. XD LOL. :D

[L]ikes: Chocolate, Clubbox, reading, Photoshop (but is sadly, quite a 뽀샵 n00b ㅜㅠ), pretty stationary (Morning Glory~ <3), SQUISHY SOFT TOYS, music, lots of space, technology, the computer (despite it's crappiness), the Xbox, my phone, wasting time with friends (like trying to go to the movies, then ending up wasting money on train tickets as we jump from random station to station. xDD;; Ahh, good times.), spazzing on the net, anime, MANGA <3, + a lot more Genie can't be bothered thinking of at the moment. xD

Yup yup, that's Genie summed up in a few lines. :D

WARNING: My LJ doesn't have anything interesting in it. O_O; Just thought you ought to know. :D

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